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Dear bohemians at heart,

I must leave behind this blog for my goal has been reached. The Great Chaining of Being has been published after years and years of editing, traveling, editing, formatting, procrastinating, proselytizing, and the like.

Therefore if you wish to keep up to date on inspired literary tidbits and exaggerated fictional hearsay, follow my new blog on WordPress: The Bohemian Protocol .

Signing off,

Ian Drew Forsyth

montreal sketch


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Dear insouciant and fantastique hearts,

The Great Chaining of Being, a novel of three bohemians from Paris—Ambrose the Apollonian, Denis the Dionysian, and Mathilda the Circean —waging a War of Ideas against an ever-expanding transhumanist future (that eats history for fun and energy) is now FREE to download for the next 5 days.


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Yours in bohemian sincerity
[Enrique Vila-Matas says Irony is the highest form of sincerity],

Ian Drew Forsyth